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BF4 Seventeen Minute Gameplay Reveal

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BF4 Seventeen Minute Gameplay Reveal

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:54 am

Just from watching the official seventeen minute gameplay reveal trailer I can assure you that Battlefield 4 will be an amazing game. The beginning of the trailer caught me off guard and I guarantee you will be too. You should definitely watch the trailer before you continue reading on.

Hopefully you actually watched the trailer before you started reading this, but let’s dive into what we just watched. And feel free to comment on something that I’ve noticed or something I missed from watching the trailer. The first thing DICE revealed to us is that the protagonist is in a vehicle that is underwater and has turned turtle. As our playable character comes through after being knocked out we turn around to see an individual pinned in the car, whom people in our squad are trying to free. Sadly he sacrifices his life to let the others live.

Then with a surprising twist, we end up thirteen minutes prior to the whole car scene. Which leads us through a building -most likely a school- to rendezvous with the squad after some intelligence was secured. Shortly after that we experience another leap in time which inches us closer to the crash. However we end up running to a location that was designated for an evac. But the luck runs out when a Russian attack helicopter intercepts and goes on the offensive causing the building to come crashing down along with the helicopter that was going to get the squad out of there.

Now I noticed something, in the transport helicopter there was a female onboard, could it possibly be Hanna? Sadly I have no viable proof that supports that statement, so please take it with a grain of salt. With that, it’s time for us to play the waiting game and see what DICE wants to offer us next. And if you’re curious about the availability of pre-orders you can read on here.

By Quentin Griffin / March 27, 2013


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